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Oil Pulling - Herbal Rinse

Oil Pulling - Herbal Rinse

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Oil Pulling Herbal Rinse Ayurvedic Teeth Whitening Detox


  • Oral & Whole Body Care
  • Macadamia Nut & Mint
  • Vegan 
  • Plastic free



After brushing, shake well and:

For detox or when cleansing & healing of mouth and/or body is needed: swish with 1-3 tsp for 10-20 min. per day until no longer needed. 

For general, whole oral care, swish for 2-5 min., once per week until no longer needed.

Spit into compost or nature if possible (if not, into trash). Follow with a warm water rinse. *Do not swallow after pulling.



Raw, virgin macadamia nut oil, ancient black seed oil, proprietary healing & cleansing herbal blend extract, therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil


2 oz. glass bottle

8oz. glass bottle