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About Us

Who are we?

Drei Leaf Market is a small eco-friendly marketplace dedicated to bringing together some of the best earth friendly products.  Specifically ones that are plastic free, low waste, all natural and consciously produced. 


Why eco-friendly?

Choosing to purchase and live a more eco-friendly life can have an impact on our planet, by cutting down on pollution, reducing waste and using our purchasing power to shift the product narrative. 

  • About 480 billion plastic bottles were sold globally in 2016
  • 50% of the plastics market is single-use disposable stuff
  • There are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans
  • Only 9% of plastic produced is ever recycled


Our purpose?

Drei Leaf Market started in Riverside, California with the purpose of bringing eco-friendly essentials to our community.  We believe that every community should have access to products that are an alternative to the corporate standards of profit over moral obligation.


We strive to Love & Respect: our bodies, our Earth and our neighbor.

Passionately learn and grow with our community. 

Committed to presenting all our products, brand partners and information in the most transparent way possible.


Love and Gratitude
Rebecca Perez
Owner & Operator 




Random Fact: Drei is the German word for the number 3.